Sample of TEI Services and

 Partnership Fees

Church Partnership Overview

There are five phases to the TEI partnership relationship.  A church can choose one or as many as best serves their church.

Phase 1

Training a lay evangelism team to teach the course.  The team may include church staff, but we encourage this to be a lay led effort.  The TEI fee structure for the Teacher Training course is based on a lump sum fee for the church, therefore, for the initial year; an unlimited number of church members may attend training courses.

Phase 2

Ongoing coaching and mentoring of the lay team so they can more effectively teach the course. A person can only retain 40% of a course the first time through; therefore re-enforcement on a weekly basis is helpful.  As the course progresses, the lay team needs encouragement, additional training, updates of new concepts TEI has developed, and a non-confrontational accountability champion.

Phase 3

An on-site Coaching/Training/Teaching Follow-up day. After teaching the course for the first time, the team will be aware of areas of the course that were strong and areas that were weak. This phase allows for additional training and focus to strengthen any weak areas. This phase also includes a seminar and an update with church leaders on the evangelism training, and the vision for church renewal.

Phase 4

Mid-Year & End of Year reviews of the course with an assessment report of the training progress, effectiveness, and recommendations as to how it can be customized for your specific church in the future.

Phase 5

Assess if a second year of partnering is desired and how TEI can best serve the church toward accomplishing its objectives.