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Traditional Evangelism Compared


Authentic Outreach


Most Traditional Evangelism Training

a. Designed for the 95% of Christians who are not comfortable with traditional evangelism


a. Designed and structured toward the 5% of Christians in America who are comfortable with a proclamation and impersonal style

b. Conceived by lay people for lay people operating under the authority of the local church


b. Usually overseen, managed and driven by the pastor and his staff

c. Proactive development of friendships with non-Christians


c. Often event driven

d. Teaches how to listen and respond to another person with appropriate questions


d. Telling style

e. Long-term process - a series of spiritual conversations


e. Ask questions to get to ultimate "quick close"

f. Gospel is shared in a dialogue with the person rather than in a monologue


f. Often requires participants to memorize a script

g. Focus is primarily on the person being proactive in the relationship and not trying to do God's job of converting


g. Focus is primarily on the message

h. When training program is over, the fun and excitement is just beginning as people continue to practice what they have learned


h. Too often when the training program ends, notebooks get put on shelf until next time course is taught

i. One way to witness to God's grace, love and power is to share your struggles first and how God is transforming your life



j. Students learn their communication style and adapt to become better communicators



k. Entire section dedicated to helping us understand and communicate with people of different faiths and cultures



l. Learn how to handle key objections and effective ways to respond without offending



m. Teaches the necessity of the sacraments and assimilation into the local church



n. TEI makes long-term investment into the local church to facilitate training and renewal