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Authentic Outreach

How Authentic Outreach Is Different From Other Evangelism Training Courses:

Most Christians avoid evangelism because they think it means confronting strangers, engaging in a Gospel monologue presentation and trying to "close" or gain an immediate conversion. Many Christians, having tried to evangelize unsuccessfully, have concluded that evangelism is not for them. It must be for someone else.

TEI has developed a unique perspective designed to reach those people in the "gap" who need Christ. God's truth does not change, but the world we are communicating to is changing.

TEI's evangelism training process teaches:

   A step-by-step process that gives Christians a new perspective on evangelism as a process that is part of discipleship and the joy and adventure of being part of God's Plan

   A "listening" and "asking" communication style vs. a "telling" and "confronting" style

   Christians how to overcome their hesitations and share their faith with confidence and gentleness

   Christians how to develop their communication style, and how to adapt their communication style to communicate more effectively with non-believers and skeptics

   Christians how to ask questions that probe and continue a conversation but don't accuse, insult, or offend

   Practical tips and helps on how to: start spiritual conversations, share God's activity in your life, witness through being vulnerable first, know when a person is ready to hear the gospel, handle objections and other religions, and more