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The TEI Offer & Guarantee



Authentic Outreach is designed to train the laity to be the leaders as opposed to being another program and effort of the paid staff.  However, we encourage the staff to participate in the training so they are familiar with the course. 

 With that in mind, the course pricing was determined on a one year training fee for the church not based on a per person fee.  In other words, the church can train as many persons as desired within the first year, all within the first phase pricing.  This does not include the cost for additional manuals or travel expenses for multiple training sessions.

 We do realize that some churches would rather have a per person fee, therefore that option is available as well.

 We recognize that many churches feel they do not have the funds for all phases, but please consider those phases if you can possibly afford them.  The main goal of the course is to reach as many people as possible within the church remembering that sharing faith is as key to the Christian walk as any other aspect of the Christian life.  To effectively accomplish this goal is sometimes overwhelming to the staff when they have so much on their plate already. Therefore, outsourcing the follow-up phases and mentoring is actually very cost effective.

 The TEI guarantee covers the possibility that if the church trains teachers and then offers the course to the congregation and less than 10 people want to take the course, TEI will refund fully the first phase fee.