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Mission and Vision

In 1999 TEI embarked on an ambitious agenda to discover the state of personal evangelism in America. We were stunned to learn that the large majority of Christians in America today either do not share their faith in Jesus Christ at all, or do it in a way that is offensive.

When Christians decide not to participate in sharing their faith, they miss out on the joy and adventure of seeing God's power at work through them, and in seeing their life and other lives transformed.

The TEI Mission

The Mission of The Evangelism Institute (TEI) is to inspire and equip believers in Jesus Christ to communicate God's truth to a changing world with gentleness and respect.

TEIís Strategic Vision

  1. To see the Church as the instrument of Godís plan to expand the Kingdom and the hope that is in Jesus Christ for the world for life now and hereafter.

  2. To see the Church come alive with the joy that comes from sharing one's faith as a part of everyoneís spiritual growth and not just for the gifted few.

  3. To see the Church value evangelism to a greater degree.

  4. To see the Church increase personal faith sharing (person-to-person) versus an over-reliance on corporate and programmatic evangelism.

  5. To see the Church offer an evangelism training option for the 95% of Christians who are not currently engaged in sharing their faith.

  6. To see the Church do something more in adult evangelism versus the current declining status quo.

  7. To see the Church not feel afraid to communicate the Gospel and to communicate without offending or acting like the religious elite.

  8. To see the Church achieve 25%+ of its adult members active in sharing their faith, which is typical of a flourishing church.

  9. To see the Church have a modest increase in the number of Christians freely, confidently, and effectively sharing the power of God at work in their lives would be revolutionary.

  10. To see the Church train lay-teachers who, in turn, train its people.