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Next Steps

Step 1

For the church:

* Choose to do one of the following:

            1). Keep the status quo

            2). Choose another evangelism program

            3). Develop an in-house evangelism program to use

            4). Hire a full or part time evangelism minister

            5). Partner with TEI

            6). Partner with TEI as a complimentary program to one already in place

Note:  If you already have 15% plus of your adults actively sharing their faith then I suspect you have a flourishing church already and are just interested in furthering that effort. TEI would love to be involved in that effort as well.

On the other hand, if you have a typical 5% or less of your adults trained in evangelism, I beg of you to do something, anything, but please do not keep the status quo.

Once partnering with TEI is decided:

* Church team to be trained should be confirmed.

* In coordination with the team, a training date will be decided.

For TEI:

* To resolve any unanswered questions.

Step 2

For the church:

* Send signed letter of agreement to TEI.

For TEI:

* Send a Getting Started kit with registration information to training leader.

When it is a go:

* Review checklist of action items with church point team leader.

Step 3

For the church:

* Promote the upcoming course (TEIís Getting Started kit will help)