Sample of TEI Services and

 Partnership Fees

TEI Services & Fees

Due to our sliding scale, please call TEI at 804/754-7720 to discuss your personalized fee structure.


A. Authentic Outreach Team Training (Phase 1) (Many churches do this phase only and not the other phases)




Per Church Fees Include:

*  Teacher Training Clinic for the Evangelism Team(s)

     (Unlimited attendees in the first year, additional costs for manuals)

*  2 Teacher Trainer Manuals & 1 Student Manual

     (Additional Manuals are available for a nominal fee)

*  1 Sets PowerPoint slides on disk (Overhead transparencies are additional)

*  1 Video Sets borrowing


Per Person Fees Include:

*  1 Leader manual, 1 Set PowerPoint slides disk, 1 Video Set




B.  Church Partnership Agreement (Phase 2) (Optional)     Evangelism Team Coaching Support




*  A specific coach assigned to your church and Evangelism Team

*  Weekly coaching & support phone sessions during course; bi-weekly between courses

*  Additional evangelism resources

*  Leader manual on disk



C. On-site Coaching/Training/Teaching Follow-up (Phase 3) (Optional)



D. Mid-Year & End of Year Evangelism Training Assessment & Analysis Reports (Phase 4) (Optional)



E. Year 2 Planning (Phase 5) (Optional)

Discuss with church leadership the desire for TEI Services for

Year 2; prepare proposal and partnering agreement, assist selection of a new evangelism team; schedule new evangelism team training.






1.  Does not include travel or any other actual out-of-pocket expenses. These are additional costs.

2.  Fees do not include overhead transparencies if needed.

3.  TEI reserves the right to cancel any training within seven days of the training date if there are less than 20 people registered.