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The Evangelism Institute


The Church Partnering Process serves pastors and churches by helping local churches increase their focus and effectiveness in their outreach efforts

RICHMOND, Virginia, June 3, 2002 - The Evangelism Institute announced today the launch of a new ministry to help local churches increase their evangelism activity, and the enjoyment and effectiveness of their evangelism efforts. The ministry is called "The Church Partnering Process."

"Churches often have the difficulty of deciding who is going to lead their outreach efforts. Most pastors and Christians are not gifted in evangelism. Pastors have a full plate of responsibilities, so who is going to train the evangelism team and support them throughout the process? TEI developed The Church Partnering process to solve these difficulties by partnering with churches and providing local and long-term support to help implement and sustain evangelism training," said Bill Shirey, Director of The Evangelism Institute.

The Church Partnering Process involves a close working and consultative relationship with a local church, under the local church's authority. It includes evangelism team training, onsite leadership training and assessments, and regular consultations, resources, and support for the pastor, the church leadership, and the evangelism team(s).

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