Evangelism Ministries

Authentic Outreach provides Christians with a detailed, step-by-step process that teaches them how to overcome their hesitations and share their faith in Christ with confidence and gentleness in a way that respects, and builds bridges to, people who need Christ.

Churches often have the problem of deciding who is going to lead the outreach effort. Pastors have a "full plate" of responsibilities, so who is going to train the evangelism team and support them throughout the process? TEI solves these difficulties by partnering with churches and providing local and long-term resources to help implement and sustain evangelism training.

The mission of TEI is to help pastors and churches with their outreach efforts. We conducted a multi-year study looking at various evangelism training programs. We can assist you and your church leadership in assessing what evangelism efforts would best fit your church.

Since 1999, TEI has studied the state of personal evangelism in the United States, and how best to support pastors and churches. We continue to travel, study, and research ways to help Christians increase the joy and adventure we experience when we see God transforming lives. TEI has access to some of the best research and resources in the country on the subjects of evangelism and discipleship.

One of the weaknesses of using a book or video program for evangelism training is the lack of any support. We believe pastors and churches need support that is not only local, in their church, but long-term. TEI provides this kind of support in the Church Partnering Process.

We will gladly speak at your conference or business meeting. Our varied backgrounds and speaking experience make us uniquely equipped to address your group's situation as it relates to "authentic outreach." We bring a unique perspective to communicating God's truth to a changing world. Please contact us for our availability and scheduling.