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What Participants Say About:

"Authentic Outreach"

If you have a mindset that evangelism is an event that only happens in a big stadium, or is for qualified pastors, elders, and deacons, or it is done on a street corner, then you need to think again and take this class.”

“…I have gradually crept into a safe Christian enclave, surrounded by those who think, believe and act just like me.  God used this class to convict me of this and now I am taking steps to more actively pursue friendships with non-believers.”

“The teaching and material covered within the class were excellent.  The course reinforced that evangelism is a long process and that God is in control and not me.”

“For the first time I realized that it is not my job to convert people.  Therefore the usual pressure to evangelize is gone.”

“I have several non-Christian friends, and I’ve never been sure how to move the relationship to a more spiritual level.  We rarely discuss spiritual matters.  Now, I’m looking for those opportunities.”

“All of the other evangelism courses I have taken were more of a “telling” style of communicating versus a “listening” style.”

“How to ask the right kind of questions that probe but don’t accuse or insult is one of the best things I got out of the class.”

“I believe TEI is the finest attempt at training people to participate in the Great Commission in this post-modern age.  Careful thought and research has gone into the production of this curriculum.  Here at West End, TEI has just completed their first semester of training.  There are two things demonstrating fruit in the lives of our people.  First, they have realized how few unbelievers they actually know well enough to share their faith.  They have become sensitized to that reality.  Secondly, they are seeing that evangelism is an integral part of their following Christ and they are motivated to share their faith in order to grow.” -- Pastor Steve Shelby, West End Presbyterian Church